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I am a Japanese language student apart from being a translator/interpreter full time working employee. I can speak decent Japanese currently but my goal is to become fluent in simultaneous and consecutive interpretations and later teach the language. I just cleared JLPT N2 in Dec 2019 and now I am aiming for N1 the final JLPT level. Although it’s in no way the ultimate level in the scope of language studies, it is as someone rightly pointed out ; the high school graduation level which puts you in a comfortable position to read newspapers and begin your journey into more literary challenging language stuff.

I didn’t always start out as being a Japanese language student. It was a classic example of ‘You often find your destiny on the road you take to avoid’. My first exposure to the language was as a high school kid returning home from school who had an elder sibling watching a lot of ‘cartoons/animes. As in case of most younger siblings , I was never in a position to touch the remote and have something of my interest on. So , I always had to watch whatever was playing on the TV while sipping on evening tea and having snacks. I watched and caught whiff of the culture through the mostly dubbed and sometimes subbed animes, their beautiful opening and ending songs which I hummed unknowingly.  I was caught in the long monologues which sounded very personal although I couldn’t distinguish one word from the other. May be there was something about how it sounded to my ears or may be it was beautifully colored streets and alleys of urban japan or the scenes of the protagonist cycling through the lush green fields of the countryside with the wind in his hair or parking the cycle and laying on cool grass by the river bank gazing at the ‘sora’ (sky).

I did explore a lot of animes at that time , but I didn’t diverge from my determined path of pursuing science in college and acquiring my masters in it without really having to do anything with Japanese language studies. I played it as a future hobby. Roughly around the last year of my masters, I enrolled and completed JLPT N5 and N4 and couldn’t /didn’t try hard enough to pursue N3 as it became difficult managing a new job and classes. Then came a time when I became saturated with my chosen path devoid of goals and ambitions. It was time to go back to the basics; the basics in my life. It took me a lot of time, but in hindsight it was also the best thing. I started with Japanese again after a gap of over 4 years after N4.

I was convinced I wanted to pursue it , and professionally as well. Don’t they say that it’s always good to have your passion invested in your profession. There was a sudden shift and hiccups but luckily , as the universe would try to help you , things fell into place. I started studying for N3 and also started with a new job in a better company than my previous one and eventually graduated to being a translator/interpreter. Since then I cleared N3, N2 and now studying for N1. It has been tough studying a difficult language with a full time job and other things going on in life but if there’s anything that the Japanese language teaches you prominently it is : “If you try hard enough , you are bound to succeed”.

Why Japanese? Honestly, I can’t answer it and can’t have it any other way either. It’s just how you feel about the language and the culture. The appreciation for a culture different than mine opened my mind to a lot of things and probably a world citizenship.

In this blog, I want to start by focusing on my study plans so that it helps me stay motivated. Also, after winding up JLPT N1 at least once (although I might take it multiple times after clearing N1 as well to brush my knowledge), I want to include drama/anime/book reviews and many other things as the seasons flow by. 

Do reach out to me if you need any help with your studies and I would be happy if my posts motivate you to study or plan your studies.

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Consistency and hardwork are bound to lead to success sooner or later.



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A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.

Jean de La Fontaine

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