Monthly Plan – August 2020

I know this is pretty late in coming, and I also wondered the point of writing so late but eventually, I decided to stick with the plan and even if it’s brief, I would like to touch upon what I have been doing in the month of August and what will likely follow next month.

Things have been tough to maintain, the work volume keeps fluctuating and this being the year 2020 that it has been for everyone, is also full of extremes for me. So, I admit it has been difficult maintaining focus on all the things at once and even the important stuff in your life tends to get affected due to unprecedented events, you do eventually have to learn to gather yourself and move on, continue with your routine. That’s the hardest part yet but possibly the only thing that helps you get back on track fastest. Looking back, I might think about stuff differently than I do currently………Oh, I long for the ‘looking back’ part whenever that is to come!

Here’s what I am doing this month:

Class-wise, we are near 15 chapters down in the SKM grammar book with sensei in addition to solving the exercises following each of the chapters. I believe we should be done with all 20 chapters by next week.

I finally got my hands on the Goi(Vocab) book that sensei very kindly had it delivered to me in this pandemic/semi-lockdown situation now. And boy, the moment I started doing the book, I really wished I had gotten it before any other book back in March/April. It’s extensive. Crazy extensive!! And while it’s apparent that I am not able to stick with tall plans made for this book, I really have to put in the effort to get it done within the first half of September. There are in total a whopping 87 chapters broken down into 52 chapters of kanji vocab and 35 chapters of Hiragana vocab and exercise following each chapter. it’s an enormous undertaking and I definitely feel the pressure now.

So the main focus, this month has been just getting done with this book as soon as possible and along with doing Grammar homework from each class, I have started revising the N1 patterns learnt. I have almost dropped the SKM Vocab book (although I am not completely decided here, I might just refer this in the last month before the exam.) As for Soumatoume kanji book, that’s completely dropped since it’s just not serving the purpose.

I am also going through SKM Dokkai(comprehension) book in whatever time permits. And focusing on Anki deck because that has been a never-ending story and with the new vocab added from the newly acquired Vocab book from sensei, it’s just going to be heavy Anki revision after finishing this book.

I am guilty of not really doing deliberate external reading every single day. Instead, it’s just whatever I read while doing office work and some 電子記事 (electronic articles).

Listening – mostly youtube vloggers about house decoration tips, routines, and minimalistic lifestyle guidance. (Wonder what smiley would convey my facial expressions here!)

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