Monthly Plan – July 2020

Let’s first review June and then dive straight into JULY this year.

June Review : I found myself seeing some of my plans through to the end and some faltering down. First and foremost, I am about to complete Soumatoume Dokkai as I had planned to, by the end of this week. (Do check out the review that I will be posting soon!). So, that’s one more book down. And it was an easy one, not at all taxing. 🙂

What didn’t work this month as well were the grammar books that I intended to solve. Anki practice did go alright to some extent and reading articles went pretty regularly.

Sensei is back! : So, after the hiatus of nearly 3 months, amidst a difficult Lockdown and many changes in an otherwise normal life, sensei restarted our N1 classes.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t apprehensive about it. The major reason being I did finish grammar on my own in this lockdown and I was wondering if sitting through those 2 hours each week is going to be worth it. But I am glad that I did decide to go ahead with it. If not anything else (which is rarely the case but still for argument’s sake) I think I can at least get a revision done without a lot of investment of time. Besides, I am of the opinion that you always understand things better and deeper when they are explained by a well accomplished teacher. And, all this is coming at a very short investment of time which is a couple of hours a week. Hence, we have started with Shinkanzen Master Bunpou (Grammar book) again and we are 4 chapters old so far. 16 more to go. which will take about 7-8 weeks. This time I am also solving the exercises after each chapter which I anyways intended to do.

Targets for July :

  • Shinkanzen Master N2 and N1 Grammar book – Second half solving
  • Shinkanzen Master comprehension – meaning Anki input
  • Anki revision every day

Quite a repetition from June but it’s the stuff that I didn’t get through yet. Any which-ways I have to get this stuff done before I move ahead with other books which are going to be exercise solving books. I am pretty much done with the “learning from book” part. Hence, now is the phase revision and lots and lots of repetitions and solving exercises.

I am thinking of adding Chuukyuu 2(中級2)book which I have from last year that we somehow thought was of a higher level than N2 and hence, didn’t go ahead and finish it off. Having glanced at it the other day, I do not think it’s that difficult now. So, I might as well get some reading done from it.

Recurring Items :

Reading sources –

Listening sources â€“

I have been watching Naruta – Shippuden (ナルトー疾風伝) religiously everyday before bedtime for at least a couple of months now.

I think I am always going to associate Naruto with lockdown now 😀

I am well into the 8th season now and although I am rarely binge watching it, I do plan to finish it this year by watching it at a consistent speed. Let me admit that I am not the type to watch long winding animes with lots of filler episodes or dramas or movies for that matter. I rather prefer the 12-24 episode short and focussed storylines. Here, 150 + episodes down and my official longest watching streak, I can safely admit that it has a fantastic base story line that is developed in great detail with a lot of meaningful development of characters which keeps you glued through the seasons…..and will continue to do so (I hope) till the 500th episode. Recently, I have stopped looking at subtitles and resorted to just listening. It’s fairly good and only sometimes, I have peak in at subtitles to see a word that I don’t know. Hope that counts 🙂 It’s still a decent renshuu (practice) and an interesting one. 😛

Favorite characters: Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha and Kakashi sensei. I am all in for the sharingan (写輪眼) guys 🙂


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