Monthly Plan – June 2020

May Review :

May was okayish! I am getting a feeling that I tend to put too much on my plate to begin with. The good thing is I do get the big stuff done but the small pending stuff keeps on getting neglected and procrastinated. Bittersweet Life! 🙂

  • Shinkanzen Master Grammar Chapters 1~20 – Completed – yay!
  • Soumatome Comprehension(Dokkai) Weeks 1-2 – Completed (This was indeed easy to get into my daily routine)
  • Soumatome Kanji book – Not opened 😦
  • Shinkanzen Master Comprehension (Dokkai) meanings Anki input – Incomplete

So, I definitely need to plan on getting those nagging two items off my list. But since they are tedious to handle with my daily work life schedule, I am planning on targeting just one thing this month and focus on getting that out of the way.

Targets for June :

  • Soumatome Comprehension(Dokkai) Weeks 3-6
  • Shinkanzen Master N2 and N1 Grammar book – Second half solving
  • Shinkanzen Master comprehension – meaning Anki input
  • Anki revision every day

June Week1 : Couldn’t get much done at all apart from regular reading of articles due to tedious work commitments. Well, couldn’t help there so let’s move on, shall we?

Reccuring Items :

Reading sources –

Listening sources

  • – Interesting source for Choukai/Listening for all levels. Although, since they started just last year, they have only limited material but it’s extremely useful. The topics are really interesting and the language is very relevant for each of the levels. What I also appreciate is the availability of scripts to go with each story on spotify or stitcher. Super helpful- thumbs up! Looking forward to their new material.

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