Monthly Plan – May 2020

April Review: I am extremely happy that I have been able to complete 2 books and probably the most headache inducing was the famous Shinkanzen Masuta Dokkai book This is all Blood-Sweat-Tears kind of book, but if you persevere it’s worth everything. By solving 2 passages per day, you can finish the entire book in 48 days; leaving out the Mogishiken / mock test paper at the end for now. The other book being the unknown Grammar pattern book from Sensei. This was an easy book to go through with 107 patterns, very easy example sentences and short crisp grammar point explanations. It would be interesting to compare this book with Shinkanzen Masuta Grammar.

Is it just me or are N1 grammar patterns easier than N2 ones? Very less confusion and overlapping are my thoughts so far.

With the JLPT July 2020 cancelled in my region (mixed feelings), I have definitely started spreading my body on the couch. I immediately started toying with the idea of going through just one book every month but when I actually started planning for May, I figured I might have to work on two books this month as well.

Week 1 :

  • Putting the vocab of SKM dokkai book and grammar book in Anki. I definitely need to do this.
  • Revise N1 grammar patterns from Anki deck. (Best thing I have done so far is putting the grammar patterns with 1~2 example sentences and short explanation in Anki- tough lessons learnt from last year)
  • Solve the SKM N2 grammar second half which I slacked on last year.

Week 2 ~4 :

Shinkanzen Master Grammar : Total : 20 chapters (5~6 grammar pattern each) – I think this should be easy since I already studied the grammar from an easy book and even have the patterns in Anki. Apart from adding new pattern in Anki (if any), this will mostly be a revision book.

Soumatoume Dokkai [Target : 2 weeks lessons] : This book is divided into 6 week plan. I plan to complete 2 weeks in May and rest 4 in June.

Soumatoume Kanji : [Target: 2 week lessons] Although this is the very first N1 book that I started, quite embarrassingly, I haven’t been able to go beyond 2 weeks with this book (This book is divided into 8 weeks ) . This was becoming very tedious for me since the Kanjis are is just list type with accompanied vocab – too much for one day which then escalates to one week. With the absence of another Goi book in my life currently (due to the lockdown situation) I think I will just have to drag through this book for the time being.

Reccuring Items :

  • Reading one article per day – I have been doing good so far with this plan. (Yomiuri Shimbun/Japonin Blog –
  • Listening on youtube : Definitely the most entertaining option. New find is this amazing channel on youtube : 北欧、暮らしの道具店. I have been in love with their Food Drama episodes (料理ドラマ). Pure bliss- aesthetically pleasing setting, soothing voice, meaningful monologue, fitting BGM. Can’t stop raving! 🙂

Try N1 grammar is on hold currently – I wonder if I need to do this book after completing two grammar books. But let’s see, may be in June.

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