The Lies She Loved (噓を愛する女)

Staring Nagasawa Masami, Takahashi Issei, Yoshida Kotaro

Movie Review (with mild spoilers)

So a friend of mine recommended this movie to me and I am glad I watched it. Although this might not be for everyone, being what is often referred to as a slow movie. But I am a sucker for calm, peaceful, good characterization and slow burn romances.

Plot: It talks about a career woman who accidently meets and falls in love with a seemingly kind man only to discover one day that whatever she believed about him is all a lie starting right with his name on the forged ID card. From then on, it’s her unconventional journey to uncover his truth going as far as teaming up with a wacky detective.

Execution: Now from the gist you can make out that this is not an uncommon story and I spent a good one hour into the movie thinking ‘oh this is turning out so predictable, of course she is ……’ But then something happens which miraculously entwines a story which also happens to be quite unexpected although by that time you have already conjured up possible scenarios for the plot. It maintains the surprise element. I particularly loved the heroine’s journey with the reluctant detective over the quite and peaceful town. The highlight of the movie is the ‘big’ revelation.

Acting: I am new to Nagasawa Masami but I still enjoyed her portrayal of the character. She is feisty and you would almost begin to think how on earth was she betrayed in the first place, but her character is extremely human in the way that you always see things that you want to believe in. She doesn’t see the problem until she is hit by this truck of doom and once she sees it, she gets into her own element and that’s when she starts becoming very interesting as a character. I liked the small twitches on her face and eyes which expresses joys and sorrows of the riddled investigation on a journey you would never want to take. It’s raw and it lingers on. Takahashi Issei plays his part in the story and successfully portrays the mystery of his character. You never quite know on which side his character leans until the very end of the story. The quirky detective is also pretty unexpected as a human being and I feared him developing feelings for the lead female over the course of the story and that would have been such a turnoff. Luckily that didn’t happen and beyond all the peeling he also has a story to tell of his own. The detective’s assistant is a very refreshing character in my opinion. I was left with wanting to know more about him 🙂

Music and cinematography : Music fairs pretty well and compliments the plot movements. Notably, the end credits song was what I carried over into my playlist from the movie. Cinematography was a delight. The scenic backgrounds of a quiet countryside was my favourite part of the movie. In general I tend to like the countryside…possibly only the japanese countryside to be precise. 😛

Final thoughts : It was a good watch and definitely worth writing about. The debate over the sense of the story and the morality is not my focus here. The movie is not without flaws but it was good enough to look beyond those flaws and enjoy the story. I would definitely recommend it for people who are into story and character development. more than a fast paced train of a film.

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